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MES About

Multicultural Employment Service (MES) was initiated in Nov 2013 as part of Multicultural Youth Service ACT (MYS).

MES developed an Employment Pathways Framework together with Companion House directly from the experiences of migrant and refugee clients who were engaged in the MES employment initiatives. Companion House works closely with adults and children who have sought safety in Australia from persecution, torture and war related trauma.

Guided by the Framework, MES has worked together with local businesses, Job Active employment services, community services and consulted Canberra Business Chamber on best approaches to employment service delivery.
This has resulted in MES proposing 160 job seekers to employers and 116 being offered employment (2016-17).
An additional 94 have attended the MES Employment Pathways training program and a further 48 have undertaken work experience and volunteer placements with high employment potential.

MES also partners with local Job Actives to provided targeted training to MES clients on workplace culture, communication in the workplace and also arranges fully mentored work experience.
MES is currently working through a list of 105 migrants and refugees with one Job Active and is aiming to link with other Job Actives shortly.

MES training is targeted at small groups of job seekers who have similar levels in language/communication skills and similar employment interest (eg aged-care, hospitality).
MES also runs regular Certificate Training with a recent graduation of 15 MES clients completing six months aged and disability care certificate training.