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Get to know the Multicultural Employment Service

When moving to a new city or country, one of the most challenging things can be finding a new job. It helps when you can connect with a service to support you to extend your skills, enhance your language capabilities, and connect you to potential employers.

Multicultural Hub Canberra's employment service is here to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to access training and employment opportunities. Read on to find out more about how we can help you with employment.

Who can access the Multicultural Employment Service (MES) for support? 

Anyone from a multicultural background who has legal work rights can access our services. You don't need to have work history or any particular qualifications. We can work with you to find out more about your skills and to connect you to employment or training options that will suit you. What have been some of the highlights of what MES has achieved this year so far?  One of the highlights for the team has been supporting those who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19, and planning and running training courses aimed at preparing them for the job market. 

It's been a difficult year for many people in our community, and it's really rewarding to see so many of our clients graduating with new qualifications or starting new jobs through our service.

What are some of the challenges that Covid-19 has created when it comes to finding employment? 

There have been a few different challenged. The biggest one is a lack of employment opportunities, as many industries have shut down or gone into reduced operation. There is also a lot of fear in the community, as well as tighter restrictions offered by some employers such as in the aged care sector.   

What's the top piece of advice for someone who is currently unemployed, in terms of preparing themselves for getting a job? 

Keeping healthy both physically and mentally, and not giving up hope is very important. Improving English skills, interview skills, and actively looking for opportunities is also crucial.

Need help with employment? Get started by calling 02 6100 4611 or filling in the registration form here.

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